A genius composer - JazzTimes

Marcello is a brilliant composer and musician but he is also a humanist who communicates with music like few others - Amazon

5 STARS!  -  All About Jazz

Emotionally shattering new album ... one of the year's most strikingly beautiful releases - Jazz Corner

 His new album Acceptance is a full showcase of his talent and artistry ... has all the fingerprints of a musical genius. -  Stacey Zering, No Depression

“One hell of a record… an excellent album either because of or despite the background to the music. Loved it and maybe shed a silent tear.” Bebop Spoken Here by Lance Liddle

Pellitteri, a musical drummer who knows how to orchestrate the different parts of his kit, is both melodic and percussive. - The Boston Globe

 Impressive...drummer Marcello Pellitteri also deserves praise for his fine kit work. -  Modern Drummer

Marcello was new to me but from the jump one could tell he was a hard driver, with sticks and infectious brushes. - Ira Gitler

 Miroslav Vitous’ sound blends in with Marcello Pellitteri , whose sympathetic understanding and enormously swinging percussion form a unity which couldn’t be more ideal in such a jazz context. - Alexander Schmitz, German Press

 The drum solo was the cross over from the breakneck speed to out of control. Pellitteri maintained a constant driving rhythm while adding accents which were perfect additions to the song. - The Observer

 ...multi talented percussionist... - International Courier

... wonderful musician...(one) of the most talented new players to come along  in alongtime. - Gary Burton

 Drummer Marcello Pellitteri...now more than ever active in the American jazz scene...is appreciated (for his) precise and meticulous drumming - Digital Audio Club(Italy)

 ... an intelligent drummer, capable of smooth underlinings as well as powerful driving rhythms. His drumming displays absolute precision, creativity, expressiveness and an effortless ability to balance contrasting colors. - Corriere della Sera   (Italy)

 ...  imaginative and brilliant ... -  Jazz   (Italy)

 Marcello Pellitteri is a marvellous drummer with a flexible, frenetic and sensitive play. His rhythms change patterns all the time. -  Kjell Bäckvall, Swedish Press

 ...spare,  incisive and at peak times near- incendiary drumming.  -  The Herald   (Scotland)

 Marcello Pellitteri insures a perfect rhythmic pulse.   Serge Baudot,  French Press

 Marcello Pellitteri’s music was memorable. The Jakarta Post

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